University of Nova Gorica

SMASH Host institution

The University of Nova Gorica (UNG), is a relatively young, research oriented university, that provides a creative environment which fosters innovative achievements in cutting-edge fields of science, technology, humanities and art. UNG promotes multidisciplinary research and contemporary study programs, within six faculties and an academy. Our innovative teaching approaches are designed to build partnerships between industry and academia, securing a high level of employability to local and international students.

Science indicators, when normalized to size, rank our university among the most outstanding research institutions at the national and European level. More than 60% of UNG’s total revenue comes from competitive funding that involves national, intra-regional and EU research agencies. Our small-size University is diverse with 30% international staff, 50% international students and a nearly 50% gender balance.

UNG also has a favorable geographical location. It has three campuses situated in the beautiful Vipava Valley, a renowned tourist destination that extends along the border with Italy.