Samo Stanič

Full Professor, UNG-CAC

Samo Stanič (Full professor, UNG-CAC) PhD in Physics at the University of Ljubljana, postdoctoral fellow (JSPS) at University of Tsukuba and High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Japan, and foreign professor at University of Tsukuba, is the head of the Center for Astrophysics and Cosmology. His main fields of research are experimental astrophysics research of cosmic particles and photons at extreme energies, and the related atmospheric physics and remote sensing, including the investigation of atmospheric structures and their dynamics, atmospheric monitoring and instrumentation for astrophysical observatories.

He is leading Slovenian participation to the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory and to the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina, and he is the coordinator of the Slovenian national super-computing network (SLING).

Co-recipient of the Slovenian national award (Zois award) for the achievements in the research of ultra-high energy cosmic particles (2020) and the recipient of the Primorski um award for research excellence (2015).

He is currently leading a number of National research and infrastructure projects and programs. 

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