Gabrijela Zaharijas

Associate Professor, UNG-CAC

Developed her carrier at a series of leading international institutions (New York University and Fermilab in the USA, the Oskar Klein Center in Sweden, the Institut de Physique Théorique of CEA-Saclay in France and the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy), where she contributed to some of the main trends in the high-energy astrophysics and dark matter research. She is a member of the Fermi LAT (since 2008) and the CTA (since 2014) collaborations, within which she served as a coordinator of the Dark Matter and New Physics Working Groups (2017-2019 in Fermi LAT and 2019-2020 in CTA). She is also a member of the Vera. C. Rubin Dark Energy Science Collaboration since 2020. She is the coordinator of the SMASH and is pioneering, with her group of students, postdocs and collaborators the application of machine learning methods to the study of the gamma-ray sky, expanding to a search for faint signals in astrophysical images more generally. Her scientific achievements were recognized with a Slovenian Presidential award in 2019. She authored 81 papers totaling more than 11,000 citations and an h‐index of 43 on the InspireHEP database.

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