Iain Robert White

Assistant Professor, UNG-LELS

Iain is head of the Laboratory for Environmental and Life Sciences at UNG and honorary research fellow in Infection, Immunity and respiratory Medicine at the University of Manchester, UK. Iain's interests lie in the field of metabolomics and its application in non-invasive diagnostics. Recent technological innovations have led to increased sensitvity in our analytical equipment, supporting the use of metabolomics analysis for precision medicine. However, this has generated large volumes of data, often regarded as a research bottle-neck as they require the application of sophisticated bioinformatic tools in order to ascertain the molecular patterns that relate to a broad spectrum of medical problems. Iain's recent work includes the detection of breath components for non-invasive biomarker discovery in respiratory infection, disorders such as asthma and pulmonary fibrosis, and studies aimed at understanding the inflammatory response that results from pollution exposure.

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