SMASH machine learning for science and humanitiespostdoctoral program

SMASH is an innovative, intersectoral, career-development training program for outstanding postdoctoral researchers from any where in the world, centered on developing cutting-edge machine learning applications for science and humanities. It involves top 5 Slovenian academic institutions, 25 international and non academic partners and is coordinated by the University of Gorica.

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SMASH Call 3

Become a fellow

SMASH is looking for postdoctoral researchers who come from any part of the world with ideas for ambitious projects in one or more of the program's research topics. SMASH fellows will enhance their research excellence and boost their career prospects by becoming a member of a strong, internationally renowned team and through personal mentoring, tailor-made training programs, and secondments to some of the world's most prominent institutions, they will shapen their skills and enhance their research excellence. Fellowship support will include generous allowances for living, mobility, family, research, and travel.

Research areas

SMASH aims to link scientific applications of cutting-edge machine learning or, more broadly, artificial intelligence to some of the world’s most challenging research problems. These include predictions related to the impacts of climate change, the development of next-generation precision medicine development, answering essential questions about our Universe, and digging deep into the fundamentals of language and how we communicate.


SMASH is a network of five top-level institutions in Slovenia: the University of Nova Gorica, the University of Ljubljana, the Jožef Stefan Institute, the Institute of Information Science, and the Slovenian Environment Agency. In addition, its 25 associated partners, include the most innovative Slovenian businesses and prestigious academic institutions abroad. From 2023 to 2028, SMASH will offer 2-year fellowships to 50 talented individuals to harness the potential of VEGA, one of Europe’s newest petascale High-Performance Computers.