What does SMASH stand for?
Can I submit an application by email?
Do I have to use the templates provided?
Does the 4-page CV include publications?
Do applicants need a letter of host organisation from the researchers with whom they want to work?
Can I apply for multiple positions with multiple supervisors?
Can I take my Fellowship to another institution?
Are secondments essential to the proposal?
Are costs associated with the secondment separate from the annual research costs?
I am not happy with the result of my evaluation: what can I do?
If successful, are there any restrictions on whether a Fellow can hold funding from other sources? (e.g., IRC, ERC, etc.)
Is it possible for the applicants who completed PhD in Slovenia to apply for this fellowship?
Is it mandatory to contact our proposed supervisor prior to our application?
Can I re-submit an application?
What are the prerequisites for 3 experts-evaluators that should be proposed by the applicants in the application?