Holger Baars


Dr. Holger Baars has more than 10 years of experience in aerosol and cloud remote sensing and its synergies as well as in coupling of spaceborne and ground‐based observations. He is the lead data scientist of PollyNET including algorithm development and strongly involved in the European Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS), namely EARLINET and Cloudnet, emphasising the synergy of the different sensors within the networks. He is member of the core team for the EARLINET algorithm development (Single Calculus Chain: SCC) and Expert in processing and providing lidar data for model assimilation studies. For example, dust‐separated extinction profiles for assimilation in dust models (e.g. NMMB-MONARCH within ACTRIS‐2) and CCN‐profiles obtained from ground‐based lidar measurements. 

He is an expert for lidar-based aerosol studies including characterization of different aerosol types, like desert dust, smoke, sea salt, etc. leading to aerosol typing schemes. He investigated, e.g., the smoke plume transport from Canadian wildfires towards Europe with ground-based and spaceborne lidars. 

He is member of the ESA Aeolus Science advisory group and as the scientific coordinator for the lidar and aerosol related Cal/Val for the upcoming EarthCARE mission of ESA.

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