Silvano Piazza

Researcher, ICGEB

Dr Piazza’s activity carried on by the Bioinformatics research unit is focused on extensively using and interpreting High-throughput analysis of genomic profiles used to discover molecular patterns, both in normal biological processes and in disease states. The research unit together with external collaborators (from both Italian and international institutions), has demonstrated that the synergistic use of genomic data, biological experiments and bioinformatics analysis might not only further the understanding of the processes involved in several diseases and in particular in cancer progression, but also provide lists of molecules with the potential to be incorporated in clinical settings. Nevertheless, with the massive amount, diversity, and availability of genomic datasets, bioinformatics research faces the challenge to integrate all of these source of information. For these reasons, the unit is particularly interested in integrated approaches because they are the key to understanding the complexity underlying the diseases, thus leading to the development of new therapies and diagnostic tools.

Research area: