Bjørn Hallvard Samset

Senior Researcher, CICERO

Dr. Bjørn H. Samset is an atmospheric scientist with background in physics. He works mainly on the climate effects of aerosol emissions, both anthropogenic and natural, and their role in current and future climate change. Dr. Samset has broad experience with climate modelling, multi-model intercomparison projects (notably AeroCom, PDRMIP, RAMIP), and has worked on both small-scale processes related to black carbon aerosols, regional interactions between aerosol forcing and natural variability, and the global interplay between various climate forcers. 

Dr. Samset was a Coordinating Lead Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 6th Assessment Report, (IPCC AR6, Working Group 1, Chapter 1), and also contributed to AR5. He leads and participates in a range of projects, including a Center for Advanced Studies at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. In addition, he is a member of a range of external boards, such as the funding board for climate and polar research at the Research Council of Norway.

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