Andrés Alastuey

Researcher, CSIC

Andrés Alastyey, PhD in Geology at the University of Barcelona. Postdoctoral fellowship at Keywoth Britihs Geological Survey, UK. His main field of research is the characterization of physico chemical properties of atmospheric aerosol particles, to understand their effects climate and air quality.

He co-leads the Environmental Geochemistry and Atmospheric Research group (EGAR, He is the scientist responsible of the EGAR network of stations for long term and intensive measurements (online/offline) of atmospheric aerosols and gaseous precursors. He leads de participation of IDAEA CSIC in the ACTRIS RI (Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure) infraestructure.

He is advisor for air quality of several important city councils, regional governments, the Spanish Ministry of Environment. He participates at the EMEP (program for monitoring and evaluation of the long range transmission of air pollutants in Europe) Task Force on Measurements and Modelling.He has participated/coordinated more than 50 research projects and contracts sponsored by the EU, other Spanish or international research bodies, the Ministry of the Environment and other private companies.

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