Gian F. Giudice


is head of the Theoretical Physics Department at CERN. He obtained his PhD in theoretical physics from SISSA, Trieste and was a researcher at Fermilab and the University of Texas at Austin. He is academician of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Accademia Galileiana, and has been awarded the 2013 Jacques Solvay Chair in Physics. Giudice has played an active role in studying the physics potential of particle accelerators, supporting and advocating several new projects at CERN and in other laboratories worldwide. He has coordinated study groups for LEP, Tevatron, the Neutrino Factory, LHC, CLIC, SuperB and has participated in the committee reviewing the safety of collisions at the LHC. He is a member of the LHC Experiments Committee (LHCC) and of the European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA). Besides his research work, Giudice is active in popularization of science and outreach, and author of the acclaimed book A Zeptospace Odyssey.

Research area: