Roberto Ruiz de Austri

Researcher, UV IFIC

Professional overview

Roberto Ruiz de Austri is a permanent researcher at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at IFIC since July 2018. His research interests are particle physics, astroparticle physics, cosmology, gravitational waves and machine learning in fundamental physics.

Important contributions

- GAMBIT collaboration: Member of the GAMBIT collaboration, a renowned group of about 30 theoretical and experimental physicists involved in high profile experiments such as ATLAS, Belle-II, CTA, DARWIN, Fermi-LAT, HESS, IceCube, LHCb, SHiP and XENON. The team has developed a public software tool for the global adaptation of new physics theories.

- LHC collaborations: He has contributed to experiments such as ATLAS at the LHC and is currently involved in the MoEDAL experiment at the LHC. 

Machine learning and AI initiatives

- DarkMachines Initiative: He co-led the DarkMachines Initiative, a collective of researchers from various fields such as particle physics, astroparticle physics, astrophysics and data science. This group focussed on the use of machine learning to accelerate the search for dark matter in the universe.

- EuCAIF participation: Member of EuCAIF (European initiative to promote the use of artificial intelligence in fundamental physics).

Research trajectory


Author of 140 publications, 117 of which in top-tier journals. His work is cited on average 54 times per publication, has an h-index of 48 and almost 7500 citations in published articles (iNSPIRE database).

Research areas: