Jason S. Olfert

Professor, UAlberta

Dr Jason Olfert is Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. His research is focused on developing novel aerosol instruments and characterizing particulate emissions from combustion sources. Dr. Olfert’s past and current research is focused on particulate emissions from internal combustion engines, gas turbine engines, flares, and burners. He has worked on the development of the centrifugal particle mass analyzer, aerodynamic aerosol classifier, and the miniature inverted soot generator which are all commercially available instruments. He has over 100 peer-reviewed journal publications. Dr Olfert serves as an editor for the journal Aerosol Science and Technology. Dr Olfert has been awarded the Sheldon K Friedlander Award, Masao Horiba Award, Fissan-Pui-TSI Award, and Benjamin Liu Award for his contributions to aerosol science. He is also the founder of Argonaut Scientific Corporation which sells the miniature inverted soot generator.

The research performed by prof. Dr. Jason S. Olfert has provided him and his group with an in-depth expertise on the development of cutting-edge instruments and algorithms for the physical and optical properties of aerosol particles. Ultimately this enables them to be able to better constrain the processes that the aerosols go through under different compositions microphysical processes. As such, a better characterization of the contribution to climate of aerosol particles, and in particualr black carbon (BC) particles mixed with other absorbing and non-absorbing compounds can be obtained. 

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