Kaspar Rudolf Dällenbach

Scientist, PSI (LAC)

Dr. Daellenbach is a member of Aerosol Health Group of LAC His goals are to 1) attribute particulate matters’ (PM) health impacts (short term - acute and on long term - chronic) to the relevant PM sources, to 2) determine the importance of atmospheric processing of the emissions for particles’ health effects, and 3) to improve the current knowledge on PM’s molecular chemical composition and sources.

In order to achieve these goals, he develops analytical laboratory approaches for estimating the population exposure to single PM sources on a global scale, 2) advance data mining tools capable of using the newly available molecular information on PM’s composition and 3) use these tools on offline determination of PM’s composition in various locations around the globe.

The goals and the process to achieve them, collectively, will improve our views on the specific components of PM responsible for health deterioration and thus provide basis for future health-targeted air pollution mitigating strategies.

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