Dejan Valh

Engineer, IZUM

Head of Head of Supercomputing department. As former Head of Computer System Support at IZUM, he has more than 20 years of experience in supporting and maintaining IT system infrastructure with highly reliable systems and services provided by IZUM. He was member of the HPC RIVR Expert council and Management team for acquisition and implementation of HPC Vega. Currently acting as Head of Supercomputing department, he leads the development engineers at IZUM aiming towards the maintenance of HPC Vega, first EuroHPC system in production since 2021. Supercomputing department is together with SLING support responsible for technical and user support to national and EU researchers and other users of HPC Vega. He is also an elected reserve for EuroHPC JU INFRAG and member of SLING coordination committee, IZUM’s Expert council and SMASH Governing Board. He also participates in EU projects interTwin and EUMaster4HPC.

Research area: