SMASH Associate partner

Sinergise is a company that operates Sentinel Hub, a platform for accessing and processing satellite imagery. Sentinel Hub provides users with access to a wide range of satellite data, including data from the Copernicus program, as well as tools for processing and analyzing the data. The platform is used by a variety of industries, including agriculture, forestry, and disaster management.

Sinergise is focused on providing easy access to satellite data and making it usable for a wide range of applications, through a cloud-based platform and API. One of the main applications of Sentinel Hub is to provide crucial data for understanding and mitigating climate change as it allows for the monitoring of the earth's surface, oceans and atmosphere. This data can be used to track changes in the environment, such as deforestation, land use change, and changes in sea level and temperature. It also allows for monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions and air quality. Additionally, satellite data can be used to improve weather forecasting and climate modeling, which can aid in predicting and preparing for the impacts of climate change.